GiGi Diaz ...

GiGi Diaz is a Mindset & Business Coach, media personality, executive producer and host of the Chats with GiGi podcast, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She’s the founder of Seizing Happy®; a coaching organization dedicated to nurturing the business and the woman behind the business equally.

The beginning...

GiGi began her career in media accidentally. At the age of 15 her mom launched a newspaper and tasked GiGi with be graphic design for the publication. While her rebel teen initially protested against it, she immediately fell in love with everything journalism. Before long she was a columnist for the newspaper writing about college prep, doing brand reviews (an influencer before it was a thing!) And interviewing artists like Carlos Vives, Emilio Estefan, Paulina Rubio and many others. 

Jennifer Lopez

She moved from print journalism, to television, to radio; gradually increasing her impact and reach from local to national, eventually being on air with iHeartRadio in multiple cities both in Spanish and in English. 

Her growth as a communicator and her interviewing skills led her to be selected, on multiple occasions, to host the private  Miami screenings for Jennifer Lopez films as well as films like Pitch Perfect, Breakthrough with Chrissy Metz, and shows like Orange is the New Black with Dascha Polanko and Selenis Leyva

The growth...

GiGi opened her first business, GiGi’s Dance Academy upon graduating from high school in 2003, scaling it while earning her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology at Florida International University. Since then GiGi’s Academy has been ranked Top 3 Dance Studios in their city for multiple years, won local and national dance competitions and offered a safe place for youth to grow and create lifelong memories and friendships.

It was during the pursuit for her Masters Degree in Communications that her life shifted entirely. She was working mornings as a radio host, evenings as a sports reporter, all while excelling in grad school, until the stress and exhaustion led her to an ER after losing her sight while driving. 

It was then that GiGi realized that the HUSTLE was not the way to the top and that success doesn’t come from “doing all the things.” She learned how to create a customized blueprint with the type of action steps that get you farther, faster, with less burnout.

After a lot of inner work and learning, GiGi became a Certified Life Coach, specializing in Mindset and Happiness Studies. She founded her coaching business, Seizing Happy® and created her signature program the 3Rs System: Reevaluate, Restructure, Reset your Life for Success with Less Stress. GiGi’s coaching has helped women heal their relationship with money, create more abundance and joy, boost their confidence and switch their mindset from HUSTLER to CEO so they can finally thrive in life and business. 

The impact...

Throughout the 20 years GiGi has been in the public eye, she has earned the trust of her fans and followers for always leading with integrity. This is how she earned the nickname #TheConsciousInfluencer and has been chosen to work with brands such as Mazda, Truist Bank, Xfinity, Pandora, Topo Chico, and many more.

She’s also been selected by the Miami Marlins as an in-game host and she was the first Latina correspondent for the United States Trotting Association. 

GiGi has also launched the Seizing Happy® Community, a group of heart-led, purpose-driven women who believe in collaboration over competition. The Seizing Happy® Community offers online and in person experiences to nurture the business and the woman behind the business equally with members from South Florida to New Jersey to California and beyond. Join the Seizing Happy® Community here.

She’s a leader, a motivator, and an inspiration.