It’s been a while since the tables were turned for me and I was a guest, instead of the host on a show.

I had forgotten the excitement and anticipation felt before the ON AIR lights come on and you’re at the mercy of someone else’s curiosity and interviewing skills.

When I got the invitation to be a guest on the Common Denominator podcast I hadn’t heard of the show. But it was my friend, Dave Aizer, an Emmy award winning TV host with over 25 years under his belt so I knew if he was a producer on this show it MUST be good.

So I said yes first and did my research later.

When I did the research I was really impressed by the show which focuses on meaning topics like wealth, health and business strategy.

I was especially impressed by its host Moshe Popack. Not a lot of people know how to guide an interview to go deep without dragging and to make the guest feel comfortable while still asking meaningful questions.

Moshe is an entrepreneur and Chairman & CEO of YMP Real Estate Management, a private real estate firm he co-founded with his wife, Yaffa. YMP REM has a portfolio consisting of approximately 4,000 multi-family units and 1.3 million square feet of commercial space.

This interview was so much fun for me and I am thrilled to share it with you!

Let me know your thoughts once you watch!