On this episode of Chats with GiGi our special guest is Toni Jones and we dive deep into the power of your words and mindset. TONI JONES served for six years as a Life coach and Mental Health advocate for women and youth.

Now as an Affirmation Musician, she found creative ways to promote the message of conscious well being through her music. Toni started making music as a tool for her life coaching clients to practice healing on the go. After great response from her first album she decided to make music full time. She has since released five projects so far: Affirmation for the Grown Ass Woman, Affirmations and Chill, I See Me Mantras, and Get Cha Mind Right (the mental health mixtape) Toni’s music is healing music, she coined it as Affirmation music.

Affirmations set to modern music; which is different from the traditional way of saying Affirmations and mantras that are usually set to o relaxing new age music. By creating affirmations to modern music this allows the listeners to ride, be on the go and vibe, just dance to the music while still reciting healing words.