I have a new and exciting preggo perk. While I still can’t poop without the assistance of daily Miralax, I am now leaking out of my vajayjay. 

It’s disgusting. 

I was invited to emcee Cosmecon in Broward Mall yesterday. I also got the opportunity to offer a workshop on my 3Rs System and to moderate a panel on the topics of nutrition, fitness and fashion and how they all tie in together for overall well-being. 

It was famazing and the whole time I was on stage I didn’t even remember I was preggos cause the adrenaline was great and I’m still blessed with no “morning” sickness. 

I grabbed lunch with a business bestie after the event and when we were walking to the car she said “Stop” and grabbed the back of my dress to inspect it. “There’s a stain on your dress. I think you sat on something.”

The event was finished and I was feeling exhausted so I didn’t bother to check until I took off the dress at home. 

I undressed in the bathroom ready to shower and realized the wet stain was perfectly aligned with my crotch if I we sitting. 

That’s odd. 

When I took off my underwear it all made sense. There was a puddle of wet gooey… substance that had leaked through, onto my dress while I was sitting for lunch. 

What. The. Fuck!?

How did I not feel this?

I googled it and apparently leaking around 8-10 weeks is normal. Given that there’s no heavy bleeding. 

What’s the point of not having a period for 9 months if I’m leaking the whole time anyway??

This whole pregnancy thing is for the birds.

Did you leak during your pregnancy too? Can you offer any tips other than changing panty liners and underwear 6 times a day? 

Speaking of panty liners, Always has fallen short. Literally. These things are sized for a 5 year old. I am a whole woman (with a whole lotta leaking) I need ADULT sized panty liners and I need them to actually stick to my underwear if I’m moving around. 

Life doesn’t stop cause one is pregnant. It continues and having the right panty liners, shoes, pillows, supplements etc makes all the difference in the experience. 

I need adult sized panty liners and I need them ASAP. 

I think I’ll also start sharing some of my discoveries when it comes to finding the right support for my preggo journey. From mental health to nutrition. I’ve received so so so many messages from fellow moms who feel so much of what I’ve been feeling, who have struggled with so many of the same experiences and have felt alone in this process. 

We’re not alone… We got each other. For the gross, the weird, the happy and the sad.