I’m supposed to be fucking glowing. Over and over again I’ve heard the stories from all my friends about how being pregnant made their skin glow and their hair grow.

I’m not seeing that preggo perk. My skin is blotchy and dry despite drinking 3 liters of water each day (mainly cause I’m on Miralax cause I also can’t poop), my rosacea is out of control, I have volcanic looking pimples growing on my cheeks and my hair… it’s just my hair. No little mermaid underwater bounce going on here. 

Yes. I’m taking prenatals. Still no glow. What I do love about these prenatals is that they’re the only thing that gives me some energy and they never make me nauseous. I’ve heard other prenatals make morning sickness even worse.

Blotchy skin AND vomiting? Fuck that. Being sleepy and constipated sounds like a better deal. I can’t tell if I’m growing a baby or if it’s a brick in my stomach. I’m so bloated.

It just occurred to me that it’s possible I got a trade off of preggo perks.

Maybe I missed out on the preggo perk of glowing skin because I got the preggo perk of no morning sickness?

Not sure if that’s the way it works but now that I think about it I’ll take blotchy skin over vomit breath all day.

However, if you can recommend something safe to use for rosacea during pregnancy definitely let me know!

What Preggo perks did you get or miss out on?